Registration for the St. Cecilia Parish Sacramental Preparation programmes (FIRST HOLY COMMUNION) is now open for parish families.

We invite parents/guardians of children in grade 2 who wish to receive the Sacrament of First Holy Communion and Reconciliation in 2022 to register for our St. Cecilia Parish sacramental preparation programmes.

PLEASE NOTE: You should register your child for sacramental preparation with your home parish (the parish where you are formally registered as parishioners or within whose geographic boundaries you currently reside.)  If St. Cecilia is not your home parish, you should inquire about registration at your home parish. Due to capacity and catechist limitations, If you are not a St. Cecilia parishioner and register with St. Cecilia Parish for First Holy Communion, you will automatically be placed on a waitlist. 

Registration forms are available from an usher at Mass and or you can download the Registration Form here.

The deadline for registration is WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2021. 

We will not be holding an in-person registration evening.

To register, please submit the following 3 items TOGETHER to the PARISH OFFICE on or before November 17, 2021:

  1. The Registration Form,
  2. A copy of your child's Baptism Certificate, and
  3. The programme registration fee of $35.00 (cash or cheque ONLY. Cheque payable to: St. Cecilia Church)

Please mail or drop off the 3 requirements TOGETHER to the parish office located at the HOUSE at 161 Annette Street.

The mail slot is at the bottom of the front door of the HOUSE.

Please PRINT CLEARLY.  If we do not receive a legible e-mail address, you will not be registered.

If  you do not submit the 3 requirements together,  you will not be registered.

Each programme consists of approximately 8 sessions.  We will be presenting a programme of 6 recorded video sessions produced by Hopestone Catholic Formation in conjunction with weekly “live” virtual parish sessions.  You will have some flexibility with scheduling your viewing of the recorded sessions.  The accompanying mandatory parish sessions will not be recorded and will be scheduled on Wednesday evenings for First Communion. Once registration closes, registrants will receive an email with specific programme information from the catechists.

First Communion Masses will be celebrated during the Easter Season (sometime after April 17, 2022). Dates to be announced once they are confirmed.  We may need to celebrate a number of Masses depending on pandemic restrictions.

Please contact the parish office by phone or email  (Wed-Fri, 10 a.m.- 4 p.m.) if you have questions regarding registration.

We look forward to accompanying your children in their faith formation!


God Bless,

Father Joseph and the St. Cecilia Parish Sacramental Preparation Catechists