We welcome all those who are interested in learning about, or joining, our faith community. Going through the RCIA process does not imply that you are initially committed to joining our faith community.

It is our expectation that, as a result of participation in RCIA, you will come to a better understanding of our faith community and what it has to offer you in your spiritual journey. This may, or may not, lead to your wanting to join our community as a member of the Roman Catholic Church.

Persons who have been baptized in another Christian church and who wish to become a member of the Catholic Church are encouraged to participate in the RCIA before receiving the Sacraments of Confirmation and Holy Eucharist.  Those adults who have been baptized in the Roman Catholic faith, but have not yet received the Sacrament of Confirmation, will, after completing the RCIA process, be received as adults in the Catholic Church. 

If interested, please contact Fr. Joseph Tran at 416 769 8163